Our graphics department can process graphic data from different formats. We’ll advise you on the preparation of graphic materials, our qualified team of graphic designers is able to prepare even apparently unusable materials for printing. We process graphics in Adobe CreativeCloud on Mac OS X workstations. We use professional X-Rite calibration equipment to configure the right colours. Colour matching is consistent from the monitor, to the proof print (GMG proofing system) and during printing of the finished product itself. We use the FOGRA39 standard, which is configured in applications, and the printing press is linearized to this standard. Our in-house graphics department is one of our company’s greatest advantages. We know just what label printing options are available, allowing us to respond immediately once a customer confirms a job and get to work straight away.

Production of printing plates - Offset
This is a very high quality and standardised form of set-up for printing labels using the European FOGRA39 offset standard; CTP technology works with very accurate exposure and HD resolution. The equipment is precisely calibrated and uses a very small quantity of chemicals.

Production of printing plates - Flexographic
Products produced using flexographic technology are prepared using CTP technology, which can now achieve HD printing quality, a feature formerly impossible. It can now compete with the FOGRA standard.

Production of printing plates for varnish and screen printing:
The standard process is used to produce polymer plates for spot varnishing, i.e. exposure and development of film with a check for density, followed by exposure and processing of the printing plates.

Proofing system
Customers often request a proof print when approving an order to ensure that colour accuracy may be checked before the labels are physically produced. We can produce an accurate proof that simulates the resulting finished print. The proofing system uses its own RIP and high-quality printer, which is regularly calibrated and capable of faithfully simulating a broad range of Pantone colours.

You can find more detailed information on required graphical data formats HERE (*.PDF form)