Graphic labels are used mainly to mark products intended for sale in retail chains and these labels must meet a number of requirements set in national and European standards. In addition to their promotional and informational functions, these labels, in particular food product labels, have recently placed extra emphasis on consumer safety and manufacturers have been required to use certified materials and adhesives if they come into contact with foodstuffs along with low migration colours and inks. Similarly, increasing demands have been placed on the quality of bar codes and the overall finish of labels where a range of colour combinations are applied in order to attract consumers and to influence their purchase decisions. A separate segment includes wine, spirits and cosmetics labels, which can be characterized by their low batch numbers, combinations of a number of technologies and a large number of special materials and adhesives.

Examples of use: labelling products, wine labels, replique panerai labels for alcoholic beverages, food labels, certified labels for direct contact with food