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    Multi-layer labels

    Thanks to the installation of a new line, one new production option is the more and more common use of multi-layer labels that resolve the issue of language versions for producers who deliver goods to multiple countries. Standard multi-layer labels are composed of two materials... more...


    ETIS Slovakia, a.s. intends to be the fastest growing company in the label printing sector in the region of Central Europe. Its business activities are focused on an area within a range of 300 km around its headquarters in Bratislava. Target groups are primarily successful and respected companies that require a dynamic and reliable partner to keep up with their growth...more...


    Via this decision, the management of ETIS Slovakia, a.s. has defined the company’s Quality Policy. The company undertakes to adhere to its quality management system and to continuously improve on its effective application. The goal is to meet customer requirements and all legislative requirements and regulations...more...

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